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Pastured Pullet Eggs - Timlin Farm

Truly pastured chicken eggs from Timlin Farms

unclassified and hand-packed, straight from the farm!

From happy, true free range hens fed premium Soy-free, Organic feed, with Flax! These eggs are the very best - organic, pastured, AND Omega-3.

Pre order these limited supply of truly pastured 

Soy free  GMO free Pullet Eggs


These days, it’s hard to find any small eggs in the grocery store. As egg production has become more industrialized, we’re pretty much stuck with large and extra-large eggs, with the occasional medium. Apparently, smaller eggs are usually shipped out to the powdered egg factory, which is a shame because they can be a treat.


Pullet eggs from your local farm are delicious and are often snatched up by pastry chefs-in-the-know for their richness.


Online ordering opens Saturday 4pm