Welcome to your personal food purveyor!

Green Owl is a locally owned grocer that specializes in providing you with the healthiest and most nutritious food possible.

Along with the highest-quality products, we're dedicated to supporting Pennsylvania's agricultural heritage, and future by only sourcing products made and grown in PA. This gives you access to the healthiest food available through our network of direct-relationships with local farmers and artisans.
  • Seasonal, Organic and beyond-Organic vegetables from small farms using no chemicals
  • 100% grass-fed, pastured meats and dairy from family farms we know and trust
  • Small-batched artisan coffee and Kombucha
  • Fresh breads and seasonal canned items with only the very best ingredients

    Our mission is providing you with healthy, clean food you can trust!

    Professional Weekly Home Delivery and convenient In-Store Pickup options means you’ll always have the staple items you need with no hassle! Feel the difference that high-quality, fresh food makes!