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Vaccines in our Food?!?

Another tough look at our industrialized food system. To fight against the unhealthy farming practices (cramming thousands of animals into one place) we are pumping our food full of drugs and vaccines to keep the animals 'healthy', but is eating all those drugs and byproducts healthy for Us? 


Not only is the food system full of antibiotics and drugs (29 MILLION POUNDS per year in the US), but it's also full of animal vaccines, which go completely unlabeled and unnoticed by the consumer.. 

Most of the public is unaware of the animal pharmaceutical industry. Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies markets 49 vaccines for chickens to prevent a range of diseases. The company also markets at least 25 vaccines for cattle. Many consumers are not aware of the presence of vaccines and antibiotics in meat produced in the U.S. Unlike Europe, U.S. meat is full of hormones like estradiol-17, zeranol, trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate. High rates of both prostate and breast cancer attribute to this in the U.S. 

Antibiotic use is linked directly to obesity, asthma, and compromised gut bacteria. Antibiotics used on CAFO’s (controlled animal feeding operations) are no longer effective due to superbugs. Thus, meat producers in the U.S. are labeling meat as “no antibiotics.” This is very concerning because they now rely on vaccines to prevent diseases. Vaccines are known to contain large doses of heavy metals which create oxidative stress.   


Does ANY of this sound appetizing or healthy for your dinner? For the animals? For the land?

 The alternative is buying local, transparently sourced food from healthy farms. How do you know if they are healthy? Yo need someone to trust who is keeping an eye on things. That's Green Owl