Recalls and Industrialized food systems

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Pink Slime? Recalls? What's going on with our food?!? 


Here is some info on FOOD RECALLS and also why inexpensive, INDUSTRIALIZED FOOD often comes at a greater cost - OUR HEALTH. 

We've recently seen the fragility of the industrial food system as giant recalls have continued. The main issue is that raising, processing and distributing mega-quantities of animals and food has the potential for mega-problems. As huge companies have lobbied for and created industrialized food processing methods for meat and food products, what most of us think of as 'regular food' has really changed.



In its 2018 4Q Recall Index, released this morning, Stericycle reported 97.7 percent of the recalls under the jurisdiction of the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) were initiated because of bacterial contamination. The pathogen behind 98.6 percent of the FSIS’s bacteria-related recalls was Salmonella.

(See illustrated, annual report HERE

Public health officials detected a Salmonella outbreak in November 2018 that was traced to raw turkey products, resulting in recalls of more than 250,000 pounds of Jennie-O brand turkey.

Even with the large turkey recalls, beef recalls were No. 1 in terms of pounds of product recalled. Almost 72 percent of USDA-recalled products were beef. Beef was the top USDA category for recalled pounds in three quarters in 2018.

Driving beef to the top spot in Q4 were recalls by multi-national giant JBS. The company recalled more than 12 million pounds of beef in relation to a Salmonella outbreak. In the CDC’s most recent outbreak update, posted Dec. 12, 2018, laboratory tests had confirmed 333 people across 28 states had been infected. Of those patients, 91 were admitted to hospitals. No deaths had been reported.

BTW...How do huge, international corporations influence our food? 

2017: JBS hired Alfred Almanza as its global head of food safety. Almanza had previously been the head of food safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

2018: United States Department of Agriculture bailout

JBS, a Brazilian-owned company, received $22.3 million from the USDA farm bailout package of 2018.
Pretty Nice TAX PAYER payout for a foreign-owned corporation with 2018 revenue of $51.1 BILLION DOLLARS! I wonder how many local farmers received similar help?


For foods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which account for about 80 percent of food sold in the United States, undeclared allergens were responsible for not only the highest percentage of recalls, but also for the largest numbers of individual units recalled, according to the Stericycle report.

Undeclared allergens were the impetus for 46 percent of recalls under FDA’s jurisdiction, accounting for 81 percent of the food units recalled in Q4 of 2018. One large recall of candies dominated the recalls, making up 80 percent of all recalled food units under FDA’s oversight.


PROCESSED & INDUSTRIALZED FOODS - Take 'Pink Slime' for example....

Technically,  'Pink Slime' is "Lean finely textured beef" or "LFTB". It's a food additive meat product that uses industrialized processing to turn beef trimmings into something else that's added to other beef and sold as ground Beef. Many people feel allowing this labeling is deceptive considering what LFTB actually is, and the lack of labeling to let you know it's in your beef.

Ground beef is just ground-up steak, RIGHT???


To make LFTBbeef trim is heated and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the fat and protein. the mix is then often sprayed with ammonia (banned in the EU) to sterilize it. This mix is then added to to other meat to produce 'ground beef'-labeled products.The FDA allows these to be labeled as ground beef without an indication of the processing or ingredients. 

Nutritionally, 'pink slime' has up to 77% more insoluble protein (mostly from ligaments, tendons and such). They are not as or easily digestible and do not offer us the nutritional value that muscle protein does. It's junk-food.

Ethically, it's not very transparent, and in our opinion, unacceptable for a healthy diet. 

But there's a choice! 

Hooray for Green Owl's LOCAL, GRASS-FED BEEF!

ALL of our grass-fed beef is raised on small farms and healthy, green pastured by your neighbors, right here in Pennsylvania - The greatest state of all!

It is processed in small quantities by local, USDA certified processors.

The animals go in - and the healthy beef comes out.

Unadulterated by industrialized processing, toxic chemical additives or the mixing of THOUSANDS of animals into each product.


We've selected farms that we know & trust

Local Grass-fed beef is :

- Higher in healthy omegs-3 fats

- Higher in protein

- Higher in CLA fats

- LOWER in Cholesterol

- LOWER in saturated fats

- LOWER in inflammatory omega fats

- Contains NO Chemicals, toxins, processing agents, GMO's, or other JUNK!


Higher inThat means you get healthy, whole foods that are seasonally fresh, transparent, free of toxic junk, and produced in our community. 



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