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Keeping Your Immune System Strong

You are what you eat, eats....

Support local, sustainable farming, which will in turn support your health! Here are a few thoughts on staying strong, today and everyday!



Covid 19 is currently impacting the lives of most around the planet.  Over the last few months, the virus has spread to almost every country and has destroyed the lives of many, both physically and economically.  Those who have been sickened from the virus generally have had preexisting conditions, also known as “at –risk” individuals.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, as of 2018, about 53.8 million nonelderly adults in America have a declinable health condition.  A Gallop poll was conducted from Nov. 1st – the 14thof 2019, bringing data to light right before the onset of Covid 19.  The poll concluded that the total percentage of U.S. households in which at least one member reports having a preexisting condition is 43%.  These numbers may give you more perspective on the severity of the virus and numbers reported below.  The CDC lists 5 pre-existing conditions that can make it harder to fight Covid-19.  These include heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, depression, and anxiety.  

As of April 11th 2020, there are 18,803 confirmed deaths linked to Covid 19, and 505,599 cases linked to the virus in the U.S.  The CDC reported that seasonal flu killed 61,200 people in 2019 and 79,400 people in 2018.   The comparison of annual flu season deaths vs. Covid 19 deaths may lower the apparent severity of the virus for some.  The drastic measures that government officials around the world have taken to halt most economic activity and contain the virus may be helping to “flatten the curve”, and aid in bringing the virus under control.  This historic government involvement may infer that Covid 19 is something more potent than typical flu.  Anyway you look at the matter, a healthy immune system will ease your concern even more, as you will feel confident and in control during the situation.  Whether during a global pandemic, or during ordinary time, staying healthy is a must.   

First and foremost, an immune system can be strengthened through a healthy diet and weight.  Food plays an important role in the reversal of pre-existing conditions.  A ketogenic diet that relies heavily upon high-quality animal foods is known to lower inflammation, which attributes directly to the reversal of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and asthma.  These diseases correlate directly to the top preexisting conditions of Covid 19 patients.  Inflammation is suppressed when people go on high meat and fat diets, and away from processed foods, sugars, and grains.  Green Owl is committed to improving the health of our customers and our community.  Our high-quality chicken, beef, and pork will help strengthen your body.  Vegetables are coming in season now, which also improve the immune system.  Making a soup, bone broth, stock from beef or chicken will also aid in a high functioning immune system.  During this time period we remain committed to serving you and look forward to seeing you as always!    


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