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Dry Aging Meat

Ever order a steak and read it was 'Dry aged'? Ever wonder what that really means?!? ...Do I want a dry aged steak? 

The answer is Yes!  How far you take it is up to you. Here's a look.

For centuries, dry aging was a common way for butchers to preserve and tenderize beef. During the dry-aging process, fat oxidizes, while moisture evaporates from the muscle. This process allows natural enzymes to break down muscle fibers, creating a mature beef flavor. The dry aging process increases the shrinkage of the meat by 6-15%, resulting in a lower edible yield.       


There are two types of aging: Dry and Wet


Dry Aging

- A time-tested method of aging meat.

- Requires an experienced butcher

-Meat is hung under a relative humidity of 75 to 80% and refrigerated (36F) environment

- 11-30 days is standard, however some restaurants go much longer


Wet Aging

- The less-expensive version of aged meat

- Can be done at home, though there are risks 

- Meat is vacuum-sealed and stored in the fridge to age

- Takes 14 days


At home dry aging bags are available on dryagingbags.com. These bags have a unique breathable membrane technology that blocks oxygen while allowing moisture to come out. Standard steakhouse cuts including the New York strip, rib-eye, and porterhouse are ideal for aging. Properly dry-aged meat develops intense beefy, nutty, almost cheese-like aromas.       


According to Katie Flannery, butcher and COO at Flannery Beef, the sweet spot for dry-aging meat is around 30-35 days. Harold McGee, food scientist and author, says that wet-aging is simply a marketing tactic that won’t deliver the nutty flavor or same mouthfeel as a dry-aged steak. “Because dry-aging is so expensive is one reason people push wet-aging. There’s no trim loss and no moisture loss.”


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