Benefits of Grass-fed Beef!

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Grass-fed vs. Conventional beef

What's the difference?


Pastured animals make healthy fats and vitamins from healthy, natural food sources. A cow is designed to eat grass (it’s a ruminant), and when it does in a natural way it has a healthy body.When we eat healthy, natural food we also become more healthy! Simple, Right?!?

Grass-fed beef has been shown to contain:

3-5X more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid...Cancer fighting-health promoting fat)
3X more Omega 3 fats and a better 3-6 ratio
4X the Vitamin E...
Consider this!...
our Forks Farm beef has
40% LESS calories
90% LESS total fat
10% LESS cholesterol 
AND 8% MORE protein than standard 'grocery store beef’!

Enjoy eating amazing food that promotes well-being AND helps our local economy, farmers and our land!

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