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Why Choose Green Owl

Healthy food is our passion!

We're on a mission to bring you healthy food you can trust, while making shopping for locally-made products simple!

Working directly with small farms and producers allows us to know everyone on a one-on-one basis, which means you'll know exactly WHERE your food is coming from and HOW it was produced!

More than just local

Offering our community a healthy alternative to large-scale, industrialized food production comes from a purpose deeper than just shopping local - It's about food quality and security. Supporting healthy, local agriculture that prioritizes animal, land and human health benefits us all by securing our food supply and ensuring local agriculture thrives!

'You are what you eat, eats'

Quality of your food = Quality of your health!


2 Ways to shop

You can place your order online or stop in and shop our Kingston store Wednesday through Saturday.

Shop Online:

Saturday 4pm through Tuesday Midnight


Wednesday  10-6

Thursday 10-6

Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-4

213 Pierce St, Kingston PA

Pickup & Delivery

In-Store pickupWednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Home Delivery: Fridays 3-6pm 

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Whether you have a simple food question, or want to supply your restaurant or food business with the highest-quality products we're here for you!

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